Nice to Meet You

Hello, my name is Alex Piasecki and I am one of the guys that pours your beers from time to time when you come into The Crafted Keg. My experience with craft beer has taught me a few things. 1) There are only two types of beers you should really care about: Lagers and Ales. 2) Stouts make the perfect post workout recovery drink and 3) Ciders are for sissies (Just kidding). I actually enjoy a cider from time to time. This is my first blog post on my experiences with The Crafted Keg and craft beer in general.

Opening the Crafted Keg was one heck of an experience. I can recall working with Matthias, Zach, Guy, Max 16-18 hours a day working to get it open. When we finally got to the open, I can remember the first night being a little nerve racking, but I had faith that everything would be just fine. The first thing that we found to be very useful was constructive criticism and customer feedback/input. The biggest input we got was in regards to our food menu, which as thus expanded exponentially to become a full service menu. Because of this expansion, we will soon be hosting food pairings and chef nights on a weekly basis.

Another great change dealt with our lawsuit you may have heard of through the newspapers and news outlets throughout the state, even including national shows such as CBS Morning New. The Crafted Keg was recently granted a reason to celebrate as the state of Florida announced the legalization of 64 oz. growler sales within the state. This was a lawsuit TCK filed months back with the help of the Pacific Legal Foundation just last year. As of July this year (2015), we will be adding this size to our retail inventory and will also be able to service those from out of state that already use the 64 oz. growler. This is exciting news for the craft beer culture. We would like to thank all of you for the support including all the multiple letters and gifts from breweries from around the country. We could not sincerely thank you guys enough.

Recently, I went and visited the guys up at Orlando Brewing Company. I must say that I was a bit skeptical at first, having spent the last 4 months in Fort Collins, Colorado where the heart of Craft Beer culture is located. I wasn’t sure if The Orlando Brewing Company was going to be able to match up to my expectations. Much to my surprise, the owners George and Aldo are what many would describe as the mad scientists in the business.

Everything out of Orlando Brew Company is organically made and FDA approved. At first, my response was “so what”, but then I started sampling the beers and chatting with George, and I started to notice a few things. First, I have a mild allergy to beers and alcohol, and when I consume these substances I normally turn a blotchy red/pink and get a really bad headache, but with the beers from OBC I noticed none of the above and was only able to enjoy the sensation of the “buzz”. They informed me that my allergy could be caused by all the foreign chemicals and enhancers used within the products. The fact that I can drink this product and not have any reaction has now made it my go to brand for when I want a good tasty alcoholic beverage. Orlando Brewing Company is most certainly a must see if you ever get a chance to visit Orlando.

I have a brand new amazing brew to discuss. Cigar City recently came out with Horchata Nitro Ale. This beer tastes exactly like French toast with a hint of cinnamon to finish. The beer goes down as smooth as any beer you’ll ever drink. I am working on getting this in to The Crafted Keg from our distributors for you to enjoy. Sadly, this beer is just a bit harder to get my hands on than other ales, but as I have sworn an oath to this great bar to never fail (or its my head on a stick Game of Thrones style), I will prevail. Make sure you do not pass this up if you ever come across this amazing piece of art from the guys over at Cigar City Brewery.

That’s all I got for this week. Check back in the next few weeks for my next post, as I will be doing this on a bi-monthly basis.