Fruity Ale?


So what if you like your beers a little fruity? That doesn’t make you any less of a man in my book! I recently have had multiple conversations with a number of individuals that don’t think a man enjoying a good cold pint of Sea Dog Blueberry here and there makes that man any less a man either. So bring on those Pumpkin Ales this Halloween my friends because it actually makes for quite a tasty protein shake! As Arnold said, “Milk is for babies. When you grow up you drink beer as a man.” Among the top fruit ales around, “Sweet Potato Pie Casserole” from Funky Buddha is top twenty on beer advocates fruit ale rankings, let’s just say, if you come across this ale, Buy It!

To bring your favorite ales into the lineup at the keg, message our Facebook page the name of the ale, and we will be happy to try and bring this in for you. We always aim to please our patrons.

Tequesta Brew co. recently released their own pumpkin ale, and it is to die for, but that isn’t what I am most excited about from these guys. I am most excited about the fact that this pumpkin ale is a Nitro S’mores Pumpkin Ale and though I have not personally been able to try it yet, I am very much looking forward to that moment when I do.