consuming craft beer

Continuing my conversation regarding craft beer, craft beer microbreweries and consuming craft beer, I recently visited a little brewery in the town of Oviedo, FL called Rock N’ Brew. I loved the decorations and the vibe, the beers were superb and the bar keep was very likeable to say the least. The food menu is respectable but the actual food presented is far above expectations, the flights are cool guitars cut out from pine wood and the flight glass pours are perfect in size! Along with their in house brews they also carry a perfect variety of beers from other microbreweries around the world, as soon as they begin distributing to other establishments, I will be sure to have some of these Rock N Brew beers brought in to The Keg and offered as part of our draft items.

To switch it up a little, recently I visited the local World of Beers by my apartment here in Orlando and naively asked the bar girl to pour me a black velvet, what I got was a nasty mix of ace pineapple cider and Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro that was clearly poured improperly as both were mixed throughout the glass and the stout was clearly what had been poured first. Though I should have known this was what I would receive after she asked me what exactly was in a Black Velvet. The management team down at WOB needs to step up their training if they want to maintain customer satisfaction.

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