frequently asked questions

What is a Growler?

A Growler is a re-fillable 32oz, 64oz or 128oz government approved, sealable glass or stain-less steel container. Originating from the mid-1800's, the “Growler” was the main container to transport beer from store to household.

Why would I buy a Growler anyway?

Using carbonation, the Growler is the best way to preserve draft beer for several days. Coupling the better taste associated with draft beer, the Growler allows us to provide some of the rarest, best tasting draft that you can take home.

A Growler is another great way for storing large amounts of draft beers for parties, boat trips and pretty much any damn thing or place you can think of as long as it abides by both state and federal laws.

How can I contact The Crafted Keg regarding reservations for our Loft?

Please call 772-800-8218 and we will gladly tell you our availability.

What if I want to perform at The Crafted Keg?

Please go on our Facebook and contact our social media manager. You are also welcome to stop by and talk with management.

When are your hours?

We open at 12 pm, and stay open to 12 am Sunday-Wednesday and 2 am Thursday-Saturday.