Fought “The Man” Ended the Ban!

growlers: Legal in the Great State of Florida beginning July 1st, 2015! THANK YOU – Pacific Legal Foundation & Governor Scott



555 building

Our building was originally a grocery store built in the 1950's before many various purchases and reconstruction. All of the original brick is still seen throughout our suite. We chose to match our decor to the original color of the building and felt the red iron would extend into the color of the brick.


bar top

The bar top was provided by a family friend who had some remaining Dade County pine recovered during the demolition of one of the 1920's Bay Harbor cottages in Port Salerno. The wood is quarter drawn, which provides it's unique tight lines and bright color. We chose this unique bar top to further include historical Martin County into The Crafted Keg and highlight our passion for continuing to appreciate high quality aesthetics that make this design so special.

tck cooler

The Crafted Keg cooler is one of a kind. The inspiration for a glass cooler originates from Fatpour, an alehouse in Chicago. We built this cooler to help fully complete our design for a true craft beer bar in South Florida. Not only do we serve you the best beer, but we are able to provide the full experience by showing the origination point.